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  • Wednesday Check-in

    Wednesday Check-in

    Time to recenter, time to focus, time to improve. Here’s where I’m at and what I’m doing to keep moving forward and improving.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/13/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/13/2022

    Back to my regular self, happy, motivated, and pushing forward. I wrote this check in, however, I forgot to post it. So here is my day late article but technically on time personally. Enjoy!!!

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 3/30/22

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 3/30/22

    I like doing the check-in, I feel as if it kind of re-centers me. Makes me prioritize and gives me some focus. It really makes me think about some of my goals and experiments to see how they are working or if there is anything that I need to adjust.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/01/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/01/2022

    I’m still working towards my goals. I’m still getting stronger. I’m still becoming more confident. I’m still happy. See where I am at and what I’m working on.